Who's That Girl?

Hey guys!

My name is Michelle and I am obsessed with anything makeup and hair related, especially natural hair. I'm live in small city about 30 miles south of Atlanta, GA. I love the suburbs b ut hope to move to the city in the near future. Unleash the city girl that lives with in me. :-)

I created this blog to document my journey to  being a self-taught makeup artist, provide makeup tips, skin care advice, information about hair products and styles, and anything else beauty related. I love sharing knowledge and that is what I plan to do with this blog. 

I am a HUGE football fan especially when it comes to my Falcons. I will always and forever be a Falcons fan win or lose. I love going to all types of sports functions. Did I tell you I like sports? lol...hey real women love sports. I am a fun out going person. I have the best friends and family that any one could ever ask for. Movies, bowling, dinner outings, game nights, I love it all!! I'm a southern girl so you already know....yes I can throw down in the kitchen. Haayy! LOL! 

Follow me on this journey. Learn with me. Laugh with me. And just have fun!! 


Everything on this site is my opinion. All products have been purchased with my own money. 
 Feel free to comment, suggest, share your experiences, whatever your heart desires. Live life! Love yourself! Be naturally beautiful!

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