Friday, January 20, 2012

My Go To Products: Moisturizers

Hi Bellas!

So I coming to you with a new post today focused on hair. I just wanted to let you guys know what products are my favorites when it comes to getting the moisture that my hair needs.

For people who are new to this whole natural hair thing, it can be a bit overwhelming. It's like you're saying "Ok, I'm natural, now what do I do". Well, I have been there and for the last 3 years I have been trying figure it out. I decided this year, I was going to get know my hair, not that I didn't already know it, but I wasn't being adventurous and really learning about the products that I was using and knowing what works best for my hair. So here we go. This will be the first of many posts about some of my go to products.

One of the things that a lot of women who are natural or transitioning worry about is how to keep their hair moisturized. The products that I have found that provide my hair with the most moisture anytime of the year can be found right in your kitchen!!
Coconut Oil. I love, love, love coconut oil. It's great for stimulating hair growth as well as providing moisture. It's best to get 100% coconut oil with no added ingredients. It comes in solid form and has a low melting point which makes it easy to get out of the jar. I found mine at Kroger in the Nature's Market Section for like $7.99 for 16oz. A little goes a long way and your hair stays moisturized throughout the day.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also referred to EVOO, is great for moisturizing and detangling. When I use it, I usually apply it in sections as I detangle my hair while my hair is wet. You can find 100% EVOO at just about any grocery store for under $10!! The smell isn't all that great but it leaves your hair super soft and you can still feel the moisture days later. ( I know I can)
Yes that is a spray bottle. It is essential for all naturals to have one. The one moisturizer that you can get that costs you nothing is water. Water is a great natural moisturizer alone but better when sealed with an oil or shea butter. When your hair is dry, it's easy to just grab your spay bottle and mist your hair on those no hair washing days. To make sure that your hair gets the most from the water, seal it with an oil, meaning put an oil of your choice on top of it. 

Me personally I have 2 spray bottles. In one I have just water. I use this if I want to refresh my style the next day or if I am about to style my hair but don't want it drenched. My other bottle I use for moisturizing. In my second bottle, I have almond oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerine (a natural sweetener that softens and adds moisture), and lavender oil. The lavender oil, which is 100% pure, adds a pleasant scent to my mixture. The lavender also has a calming effect.

Your spray bottle can have whatever your choose to have in it. Do research, test out products and find out what works best for you and your hair. Many people combine different oils, teas, essential oils, etc to get effects that they desire. Some use them alone. When looking to add a scent to your mixture, make sure it's an essential oil and not a fragrance oil. The essential oil is 100% pure and has no additives, unlike the fragrance oil. The essential oil also has health and aroma therapy benefits.

For great ideas on what good natural products you can use  to moisturize your hair check out the forums at Curly Nikki. Many naturals like you and I post the things that they have tried, what works, what doesn't work. There is a plethora of information. I find myself on the site and on the app on my phone (yes she has an app for that) everyday finding out something new!!

What natural moisturizers have you used? Did it work for you? Please share! : )

Live life! Love yourself! Be naturally beautiful!


  1. No shea butter? I use all of those things...but I'm usually too lazy to make my own concoctions. Do you switch up moisturizers with the seasons? I have to change it up in the winter.

    1. I haven't used shea butter yet. I have heard that it's not really good as a moisturizer by itself but it's really good for sealing in other moisturizers. Its on my "to do" list of things to try out and blog about. The stuff that I am currently using have worked for me all year. I haven't had to switch it up yet. But who knows, in these trials, I may discover something that just won't work in certain seasons. lol